Fabric Protection

An invisible shield to ward off stains? Yeah, we have something like that.

Strip away the plastic covers, we have something more comfortable, better looking, and easy for furniture maintenance with our Fabric Protector service. Your upholstery furnishings and drapery can greatly benefit from a treatment, whereby the protecting solvent surrounds the material fibers with a coating.

While it does not guard against stains all together, it does slow down the absorption process, making it easier to remove stains should they occur. It also buys a little more time to bring in a professional cleaner such as Rugsies, to work on tougher blemishes and restore your piece’s original condition.

Fabric Protector is ideal for natural cellulose fibers, is safe for fabrics, as well as people, pets and the environment. Reapplication is as needed, with frequency usually dependent on usage ware. Now, what to do with all those plastic upholstery covers?…

Your home will love us®